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Project Infiniti G35 Coupe Turbo

350z G35 APS Air Power Systems Twin Turbo Kit

APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Kit
APS Single Turbo Kit
350Z APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
With insane horsepower and monster torque, the APS High Output System moves the 350Z performance enthusiast exclusively into the supercar owner's club. Best of all, the APS enhanced 350Z delivers uncompromised driveability. Crisp throttle response, tidal waves of torque, silky smooth highway cruising and excellent fuel economy all add up to an outstanding daily driver - and at your whim, mash the pedal and unleash the beast within.
G35 APS Intercooled Twin Turbo
The Infiniti G35 ignited the passion of performance enthusiasts who desired high performance in a luxury sports touring vehicle. With similar engine and drivetrain to the Nissan 350Z, the Infiniti refines the Z's raw edge and adds a new dimension to the sports touring concept.
And now, the perfect partnership has been formed in order to take the Infiniti G35 to a performance level that will have thoroughbred supercars running scared. Drawing on over 20 years of turbocharging, supercharging, intercooling and engine management system design and production knowledge, APS has created the ultimate High Output System for the G35's 3.5L engine.
In the tradition of luxury sports touring vehicles, the Infiniti G35 uses some components that are better suited to this application rather than those on the more raunchy 350Z. One example of this is the front nose cone/bumper assembly. The G35 employs a more streamlined and closed approach over the 350Z and through innovative ducting behind the nose cone, alleviates some of the restriction of air to the radiator such a closed approach has. The additional ducting however imposes some limits to the maximum engine cooling capacity, hence total engine power potential and to some degree is more applicable to regions that do not experience extremely high ambient temperature conditions (at elevated engine power levels). Under these adverse environmental conditions, APS recommends the replacement of the front nose cone with one that is more open in design to ensure the best possible air flow to the engine cooling system. In addition, vehicles that are to be subjected to sustained high engine load conditions (such as circuit racing), a replacement open design nose cone should also be considered.
APS Intercooled Single Turbo High Output System
There's little doubt that the Nissan 350Z is a wonderful and exciting car to drive - though when enhanced with an APS intercooled turbo system, it's straight to the supercar club.
APS recognises that some 350Z performance enthusiasts demand alternatives to low cost centrifugal superchargers for the Z but are reluctant to move to the price bracket of twin turbocharged systems. The perfect solution is the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system. With huge outright horsepower and significantly higher torque in the low to mid engine RPM range than centrifugal superchargers, the APS Intercooled Single Turbo system delivers far greater engine performance at a comparable price point.


Project G35 Modifications List
 GReddy Turbo Kit
 JE Pistons
 Ferrea Valves
 Pauter Rods
 RPS Clutch
 RC Engineering Injectors
 Sard Fuel Regulator
 Random Technology Catalytic Convertor
 Fujitsubo Exhaust Y-Pipe
 Nismo Exhaust Gaskets
 GReddy Boost Controller
 Autosport Wiring Harness
 Walbro Fuel Pump
 KW Suspension
 Michelin Pilot Sport
 Brembo Brakes
 B & M Short Shifter
 Dynaudio Speakers
 Denso Spark Plugs
 Defi Gauges

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