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Project Infiniti G35 Coupe Turbo

Garrett Twin Ball Bearing Turbochargers

Turbocharger Turbine
Turbo Charging vs. Natural Aspiration
Not all auto races are alike from Nascar to Formula One to GT Race cars. Some only allow naturally aspirated engines, Cart and World Rally are one of few for turbocharged cars, and in events likes the Le Mans and Road Racing, the two types of engines compete head to head. As any fan of CART or World Rally racing will tell you, turbo racers are a breed apart -"thoroughbreds," some would say. In fact, turbocharged engines and their naturally-aspirated counterparts are rarely found competing on the same courses.
Neither Formula One, the IRL nor NASCAR allows turbocharged engines to compete in their races. And while the governing bodies of these racing organizations each have their particular reasons for rejecting the use of turbos, it's safe to say that parity is one of their major concerns. Often times, the advantage of turbocharged racing engines are mitigated by restrictions on displacement, boost and air restrictors. Still, a turbocharged engine has its appeal to no less a prestigious team as Cadillac Northstar in Le Mans. Dave Spitzer, who is responsible for Cadillac turbocharged racing engine program, commented in the May 2000 issue of Racecar that although turbocharging "cost us a little bit in horsepower, but our main focus is on fuel economy. Specifically, for a given displacement you have to make power with RPM on a naturally aspirated engine. If you have a turbocharger, you make power with boost, and everything being equal, at lower RPM, with less friction and with better fuel economy."
Consequently, a turbocharged racing engine presents many technical challenges to the racing development engineers. After all, behind the glamorous image racing bestows lies the hard work that makes the race fun to watch. Turbo racing promotes imaginative engineering as a way to win races. This atmosphere of encouraged experimentation is a virtual breeding ground for technological advancements, many of which end up as marketable features in commercial vehicles.
Improved Efficiency
New, efficient turbine stages deliver more power to your engine and allow Garrett® turbochargers to spool up faster than ever. Our engineers have eliminated old efficiency killers, including on-center turbine housings, clipped turbine wheels, and antiquated aerodynamics with the new GT product line.
Increased Boost Capacity
Our performance turbochargers feature compressor wheels that can handle a higher boost pressure. So go ahead – increase the PSI. Your Garrett® turbocharger can handle it.
True Ball-Bearing Turbochargers
Thanks to our single-cartridge, dual ball-bearing technology, Garrett® turbochargers generate far less frictional drag and are 10 times more durable than traditional journal-bearing turbochargers. While first developed for racing, over 100,000 ball-bearing turbos have been produced for OE applications, and are now available in a range of sizes for the street.
Proven Durability
Our engineering team puts our turbochargers through more than 20 durability and performance tests before they reach consumers. We produce more than 7 million turbos each year. Rest assured that a Garrett® turbo is a dependable one.


Project G35 Modifications List
 GReddy Turbo Kit
 JE Pistons
 Ferrea Valves
 Pauter Rods
 RPS Clutch
 RC Engineering Injectors
 Sard Fuel Regulator
 Random Technology Catalytic Convertor
 Fujitsubo Exhaust Y-Pipe
 Nismo Exhaust Gaskets
 GReddy Boost Controller
 Autosport Wiring Harness
 Walbro Fuel Pump
 KW Suspension
 Michelin Pilot Sport
 Brembo Brakes
 B & M Short Shifter
 Dynaudio Speakers
 Denso Spark Plugs
 Defi Gauges

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