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Project Infiniti G35 Coupe Turbo


Dynaudio, the world renowned specialty high-end loudspeaker manufacturer from Denmark, long known for manufacturing what are arguably the world's finest loudspeaker components, has designed, developed, and produced a dedicated line of mobile audio loudspeaker systems. The result of a five year, multi-million dollar research and development investment, the Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity products were designed specifically for 12 volt applications and the acoustics of a car.

The Mobile Fidelity line reflects the technologically advanced driver production that only a company as dedicated and diverse as Dynaudio would be able to achieve. Having built its reputation as not only one of the world's most innovative and finest home audio loudspeaker manufacturers, but also one of the leading professional audio loudspeaker manufacturers in the world, Dynaudio has stepped into the arena of car audio with the same no compromise approach.

Driver technologies developed for the renowned Dynaudio Acoustics professional audio products were utilized in the development of the Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity products, as a primary engineering objective was to achieve excellent near-field performance, which is a primary goal of any professional studio monitor.

As the acoustics of any car essentially replicate a near-field listening environment, it is a major advantage that the Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity products retain the tonal attributes and dynamics of Dynaudio's home loudspeakers, while offering the near-field performance of Dynaudio's professional loudspeakers. In-car performance is further optimized by providing wider dispersion characteristics to compensate for the off-axis mounting locations of a car, as well as greater durability to address the generally abusive nature of the car audio environment.

While the sonic virtues of Dynaudio products are enough to make even the most discriminating ear take notice, the audible performance is equally matched by the highest level of design and engineering with meticulous attention paid to quality and detail. The Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity product line has established a true reference standard for the mobile audio industry.

Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity loudspeakers will provide optimum solutions for almost every automobile. Depending upon the mounting locations and the acoustics of any particular vehicle, the Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity loudspeaker system may be tonally controlled using the unique, audiophile quality two-way or three-way, adjustable crossover networks, thus providing an unprecedented level of performance and flexibility. For the car audio enthusiast who prefers custom, multi-driver installations, there is a choice from a wide range of high quality Dynaudio Mobile Fidelity separate drivers to create a truly unique high performance sound system.

Understandably, there are many car audio component speakers currently available, making your search for the "right" system both time consuming and confusing. Considering you are reading this, you are obviously a seeker of sonic truth and a real music lover. Dynaudio prides itself on the philosophy that it is the music that matters most. However, many companies have chosen an opposing philosophy, relying on aesthetic appearance, expensive advertising, and often meaningless "techno-jargon" to sell their products. While this trendy method of product development and marketing may work well for some companies, Dynaudio does not follow trends - it sets them.


Project G35 Modifications List
 GReddy Turbo Kit
 JE Pistons
 Ferrea Valves
 Pauter Rods
 RPS Clutch
 RC Engineering Injectors
 Sard Fuel Regulator
 Random Technology Catalytic Convertor
 Fujitsubo Exhaust Y-Pipe
 Nismo Exhaust Gaskets
 GReddy Boost Controller
 Autosport Wiring Harness
 Walbro Fuel Pump
 KW Suspension
 Michelin Pilot Sport
 Brembo Brakes
 B & M Short Shifter
 Dynaudio Speakers
 Denso Spark Plugs
 Defi Gauges

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